Low Priced Liquor – $.89 cent Mini Bottles – Pints to Half Gallons – Fireball & Jager Chilled – Locally Owned! We also have a Convenience store section for other items you may want. Come and visit us at Myrtle Beach Liquor, Myrtle Beach, SC.. We are now celebrating our 43rd Year in Business! For birthday parties, weddings, or just some weekend fun, Myrtle Beach Liquor has all of your party needs. Our liquor store has everything from beer, cigarettes, wine, bourbon, vodkas, whiskeys with a selection that is unlimited!

Find us by looking for the yellow Hummer!
Look for the yellow Hummer!


picture of Myrtle Beach Liquor and Mini Mart
Myrtle Beach Liquor

Second generation, brand new faces!

Independent, family-owned business for the past 53 years.

We’re located right next to the liquor store.